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These Are The Perfect Short Hair For Chubby Face

Full moon, apple, plum, with baby-effect cheeks… there are so many ways to define the round face and so are the short cuts indicated to streamline it

Fat Women Faces Full Long Thin Medium Over Hairstyles Square Hairstyle Overweight Short Oval Haircut Curly Haircuts Bob Layered Hair Chubby

An old rule is that the round face does not marry well with the short cut, because it would make it even more plump. Still, the latest cutting techniques are designed specifically to slim down the rounder faces.

And Curly Hairstyle Faces Layered Bob Oval Haircuts Square Short Overweight Full Thin Chubby Medium Haircut Hairstyles Round Fat Hair Long

Let’s start with the basics, that is, that the short cuts are divided substantially into two categories: the very short and the helmets. In the first case, the “sleazing” effect is achieved with clever parades of strands of various levels; the carts for round faces, on the other hand, must follow the perimeter of the head and stop at the height of the chin, never above, at most just below the jaw.

Women Medium Layered Chubby Long Most Thin Round Overweight Divine Hairstyle Inverted Hairstyles Oval Textured Faces Curly

In the middle there is a whole wide range of variants that are structured according to the type of hair (hedgehog, choppy, smooth), its structure (big, medium, thin), and of course the desired look. But the staples remain the same for all the cuts chosen: yes to the volume on the top of the head and to the tufts paraded at the height of cheekbones and cheeks; lengths that stop mid-face, neither the looks nor the excess volume on the sides of the face. To clarify your ideas, look at the cuts of the gallery at the top.

Overweight Bob Long Chubby Round And Short Thin Haircuts Hairstyle Full Faces Curly Square Haircut Hairstyles Hair Layered

Haircut Hairstyles Full Overweight Bob Short Chubby And With Thin Square Medium Top Bangs Layered Women Fat Faces Round Long Hairstyle Oval

Hairstyles Layered Haircut Fat Chubby Long Overweight Oval Hair Full Women And Haircuts Thin Bob Curly Square Medium Faces Hairstyle Short

Hidden Hairstyle Haircuts Layered Most Bob Undercut And Flattering Faces Rose Short With Thin Medium Round Square Hair Hairstyles Full

Full Overweight Most Bob Medium Cut Chubby Square Finish Hair Thin Fat Haircuts Statement Hairstyle Women Haircut And Layered Long Faces Short

Thin Full Overweight Layered Hairstyles Haircut Easy Bob Natural Chubby And Round Fat Curly Short Square Women Hairstyle Medium Haircuts Hair

Styles Round Bangs Haircut Medium Women Layered And Overweight Hairstyles Fat Oval Curly Faces Bob Full Thin Hairstyle Short Chubby Haircuts

Women Most Chubby Thin Haircuts Round Long Full Flattering Hairstyle Textured Haircut Curly Layered Short Faces Modern And Square Hairstyles

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